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The Staudacher family's history bases on a long tradition of wine with its roots in the Tyrolean region of Austria. Johann Staudacher, Peter Staudacher's great-grandfather, managed the Römisch-Deutscher Kaiser Inn in Stams/Mötz around 1880, where illustrious personages like former Emperor Franz Josef liked to stop in.

Johann's wife, who worked in restaurants herself, was also accustomed to dealing with nobility. In their estate, Fernstein Castle (formerly a toll place of the Fugger dynasty, today Fernpass), she waited on King Ludwig IInd of Bavaria, who would stop in the Fernstein Inn every so often, something he especially liked to do in the wintertime in his sleigh on the way back from Linderhof Castle. 
Franz-Josef Staudacher, Johann's son, married the daughter of an innkeeper from Garmisch and bought a beautiful villa there. As more and more city dwellers came to Garmisch as a summer resort, the decorative estate was converted into a guesthouse. Staudacherhof was born.

Their son, Josef, and his wife, Anna, managed the hospitable domicile up until 1965, even though they had to overcome the most severe of hardships during World War II.  Among these, the house was confiscated as a home for infants, for Hitler's "Child Land Dispatch" program and as a dwelling that refugees were forcibly placed in.  In 1965, they passed it on to their son, Franz-Josef, and his wife, Ursula, who developed the family-owned guesthouse into the current 4-Star Superior Wellness Residence. Their son, Peter, and his wife, Dagmar, began continuing the rich tradition in late 2008. And of course, everyone hopes that the youngest members of the family will also follow in their parent's footsteps one day.

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