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Maria Galland Classic Facial for the Lady and Gent
This is our basic facial treatment and comprises cleansing, clearing peeling treatment and deep cleansing, eyebrow correction, massage, pack, final
60 mins.
€ 69

Luxurious Indulgence Treatment for your face Follow in the tracks of beauty – discover MILLE! With fine textures and first-class active agents, leaving you with an unmatched skin sensation. Luxury care in a class of its own, perfectly tuned to individual needs.

90 mins.

€ 113

Masque Modelant
"The Maria Galland Treatment classic per se!"
"The perfect strategy for solving every beauty problem!" Sense how your skin breathes in new life and your facial contours are gently remodelled. The result: Your complexion is revitalised, rejuvenated, virtually lifted.

80 mins.

€ 89

Regenerating eye treatment
Eye massage with harmonising rose quartz healing tools and a special lifting mask that decongests and smoothens the tender skin around the eye. This helps reduce dark circles and prevent wrinkles, shadows and bags under the eyes.

25 mins.

€ 41

Pure Cleanse
centrates on what counts - on what's best for your skin!
System skin care activates the skin sustainably from the inside, in keeping with the principal, “help for self-help”. Focuses on skin regeneration, anti-aging, skin reinforcement and skin tightening. No use of parabens, paraffins or colourants.
All of the products are marked by excellent tolerance. Basic Facial Treatment
plus a balancing massage, serum and mask.

70 mins.

€ 79

Purely a Man's Thing
Revitalises men’s skin and gives it an absolute freshness kick. The R.T. Arctic Power Agent protects the skin from stress and negative environmental influences while providing it with intensive moisture and smoothing small wrinkles. The skin feels rejuvenated – smooth, attractive and groomed. Basic Facial Treatment plus Active Agent Concentrate and a massage.

ca. 50 mins.
€ 59

The following are available to go with any facial:
Face and head massage
Eyebrow correction
Dying of the eyelashes or eyebrows
Dying of the eyelashes and eyebrows

ca. 25 mins.

€ 38
€ 7
€ 10
€ 23

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Do you have questions concerning a treatment or would you like to book in advance? We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can contact the Alpinum Spa & Garden directly: +49 (0) 8821-929-381 or


Make a firm booking for a wellness treatment in the Vitality Centre (treatment times: 12:00 to 3:00 PM) prior to your stay (day of arrival: Sunday to Friday) and receive a 15% discount! (This special offer cannot be accumulated or paid out in cash)

We are very gladly available to you for possible questions!

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