Massages in the Staudacherhof

Relaxation and Regenaration

Classic massages

Aromatic Oil Back-and-Neck-Massage
25 mins.
€ 38

Aromatic Oil Partial-Body Massage

25 mins.

€ 38

Special Neck-and-Shoulder-Massage

25 mins.

€ 38

Classic Foot Reflexology

35 mins.

€ 47

Deluxe Foot Reflexology

55 mins.
€ 68

Original Rudolf Breuss Massage
Relaxation for your spinal cord

25 mins.
€ 38

Classic Lymph-Stimulating Relaxation Massage

25 mins.

€ 38

Deluxe Lymph-Stimulating Relaxation Massage

55 mins.

Classic Hot Stone Basalt Stone Massage

55 mins.
€ 79

Deluxe Hot Stone Basalt Stone Massage

€ 98

Alpine Herb Full Body Massage
Inlcl. a continuously steamed heat pillow filled with blossoms and herbs. The essences are released during th entire massage and revitalize the skin and the senses

55 mins.
€ 71

Herbal Stamp Massage
Full Body Massage with a continuously steamed Herbal Stamp made of local herbs

55 mins.
€ 83

Dorn Therapy
The proficient hand fells the maligment of the vertebrae and corrects it gently

  25 mins.
€ 38

Dorn/Breuss Therapy
This is the combination of the Spinal Massage according to Rudolf Breuss and Dorn Therapy

55 mins.
€ 68

Staudachers Favourite Massages

Classic Japanese Masunaga Shiatsu
60 mins.
€ 73

Deluxe Japanese Masunaga Shiatsu
Knotted muscles are loosened by gentle stretching and finger pressure. This is especially effective in chronic diseases like e.g. migraine, insomnia, stress and problems of the musculoskeletal system.

90 mins.

€ 97

Classic Deep Relaxation with Acupressure

20 mins.

€ 29

Deluxe Deep Relaxation with Acupressure
“The heart must have hands, and the hands must have a heart“

30 mins.

€ 45

Classic Singing Bowl Massage

40 mins.

€ 58

Deluxe Singing Bowl Massage
Tibetan Singing Bowls are placed on the body and struck gently. These sound waves lead to deep relaxation and harmony

80 mins.
€ 74

Ayurvedic Full-Body Massage incl. a Face and Head Massage, Determination of Constitution and select original Indian organic oils tuned to your individual taste and needs

95 mins.
€ 118

"Indian Dreams"
Your matching Feel-Good Package recommended for a stay of 3 nights or longer
Ayurvedic Blossom Bath, Himalaya Salt Peeling, Massage, Small Singing Bowl Massage, Abhyanga

200 min.

€ 253
Black as night.

“Luxurious nutrition for your skin”

Select from “Trufflé” or “Crystal”
The premium body care lotion has a light texture and goes a long way.
It has the same effect as a full body pack with a full body massage as an extra.
Enjoy the Relax Full Body Massage in pure darkness, with gentle candlelight. The room is flooded with pure aromatic scents which make this symphony into a dream of relaxation. Your body shifts into a lower gear, your senses are sharpened and concentrate fully on the massage.
 55 minutes | € 79
Tip: specially suited for couples.

Wellness Tip:
You can book a body pack tuned to your personal needs to go with your massage in our Private Spa Steam Bath. Approx. 20 mins. € 36. The perfect preparation for a relaxing massage.

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Online Buchung


Make a firm booking for a wellness treatment in the Vitality Centre (treatment times: 12:00 to 3:00 PM) prior to your stay (day of arrival: Sunday to Friday) and receive a 15% discount! (This special offer cannot be accumulated or paid out in cash)

Wellness tip

You can book a body pack tuned to your personal needs to go with your massage in our Private Spa Steam Bath. approx. 20 mins. € 32 The ideal preparation for a relaxing massage!

Massages at the WabiSabi

MORE Balance for your body, mind and soul. Why don't you come in and experience massages from Asia? In our WabiSabi we can offer different treatments from the Far East - on request in our garden or outdoor pool as well.

Extras included in the room rate

Splendid location, wonderful Alpine air, genuinely friendly service, delicious Bavarian specialties and – that's not all....

We are very gladly available to you for possible questions!

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