110 Jahre Staudacherhof
Dagmar und Peter Staudacher mit Kindern vom Hotel Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Staudacherhof Philosophy

Important pillars. For Staudacher’s world of wellbeing beneath the Zugspitze.

Carefree joy of living Slow down. Kick back and let go True indulgence. While boosting your health. Staudacherhof stands for all of this. The Hotel where sustainability and consistency have been a matter of the heart for generations.

High standards of quality and service? We abide by those with a passion. You, our guest, motivate us to make Staudacherhof a sanctuary filled with the joy of living. For every single guest. Every single day.

Higher, further, younger, prettier – it all sounds great. But it’s also short-lived. That’s why we aspire to something else. We believe in sustainable value. That’s our yardstick. When we focus on providing service with reliable quality. And on the joy of serving our guests. Along with the clear awareness that we are responsible for our guests’ wellbeing. Every day.

It’s the small things that touch our heart. And that we remember. Memories of moments filled with the sheer joy of living. Experienced at Staudacherhof. Where you find loving attention to small, fine details, rather than pomp & circumstance. Details often not visible at first glance. Just like the reaction in your heart. That only you can feel.

Our staff is our most precious resource. That is often said. We live by it. We promote their strengths. While demanding commitment and enthusiasm. It is only by working together with a self-confident team driven by a positive attitude that we can make Staudacherhof a little better every day.

Appreciation and tolerance. Values that we observe. For all of our partners. And throughout our business. For example, in our kitchen. Where we use regional products produced organically wherever possible. We only select products that are of high quality and friendly to the environment. Naturally, cleanliness and hygiene are a top priority.

We are independent entrepreneurs. This is reflected in how we think and act. We are guided by the market. And continuously investing. And innovating whenever that is called for. Creating attractive offers based on what our customers want and need. While never losing sight of our duty to protect our environment: All of our energy comes is ecological. To 100%. For those arriving by electric car, we offer our own e-charging station next to our house. With the green option, guests have the opportunity to consciously forego daily room cleaning. The gas we use is carbon-neutral – thanks to support for projects throughout our planet.

We observe due diligence in all our dealings. So, while we sell products and services, we do not do so at all costs. But there are different seasons. Different room categories. This makes for great leeway in setting up a price structure. With official prices. That are always fair.

Our standards are high. And so are those of our guests. How nice to meet on the same high level. And even nicer when we are able to meet our customers’ high expectations. And give them joy at the same time. While catering to their individual wishes and needs. That’s what we strive for… day in and day out!


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