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Ayurveda at Staudacherhof

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A small Ayurveda island. In the heart of Bavaria. A fitting description of Staudacherhof. Our cuisine is “bayurvedic”. Featuring Bavarian specialties with an Ayurvedic touch. To promote harmony of mind, body and soul. As does our Wellness Centre. Enjoy the benefits of Indian teachings that have evolved over thousands of years. With massage techniques known for more than 3,500 years, among the oldest in the world. An Ayurveda massage, a remarkable experience to always remember.



This technique lets you enjoy deep relaxation while benefitting your health in many different ways: Physical and energetic disorders are gently eliminated. Your muscles, tendons and ligaments relax. Energy blockages disappear. Circulation in your skin improves. The massage initiates cleansing and detoxification of your system. And stimulates your metabolism. Experience heaven on earth with our professionally trained Ayurveda massage therapist, Cristian. Your Ayurveda massage is sure to be a memorable highlight of your vacation.


Ayurveda massage therapist



Abhyanga – “massage with oil” is what the word means in Sanskrit. Generous warm, fragrant oil makes this whole-body massage, including a face and scalp massage, a fascinating experience for all your senses. Oil is also abundantly used in Shirodhara. A special scalp massage prepares you for the classical forehead oil treatment. This clears your mind and puts you into a pleasant state of relaxation. Mukabhyanga focusses on the face, scalp and upper body – the “gateway to heaven”, according to Ayurvedic teachings. The brain cells are stimulated and the marma points are activated during a gentle facial massage.




Try our bayurvedic cuisine. With our 5-course menu in the evening, you always have the possibility to choose a bayurvedic main course. What awaits you and why is the mix of Bavarian & Ayurvedic cuisine so special? Read more.

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