110 Jahre Staudacherhof
Staudacherhof Massage Wellness Spa

Massages - Pure relaxation

Touching mind and spirit.

Classic relaxation massages


Aromatic Oil Balance partial body massage

approx. 25 mins. € 39,–
Choose from: back & neck, head or legs.


Aromatic Oil Balance full body massage

approx. 55 mins. € 69,–
For your back, legs from the front and back, arms and abdomen.


Soapsud Massage

approx. 65 mins. € 81,–
Peeling treatment, soapsud massage and full body oiling.


Hot-Stone Basalt Stone Massage

approx. 40 mins. € 53,–
for your back


Hot-Stone Basalt Stone Massage

approx. 75 mins. € 98,–
for your whole body


Full body and partial body treatments


Peeling treatment and body pack

approx. 50 mins. € 74,–
Select a matching aromatic oil and enjoy comprehensive body care treatment.


Rasul in the private steam bath

approx. 20 min./1 person € 36, –
approx. 20 min./2 persons € 58, –
Pollutants and slags are washed out of the skin.
The three mud types with peeling effect nourish and tighten the skin.


Vinoble Cleansing – salt-grapeseed body scrub

approx. 25 min. € 39, –
Peeling of grape seeds, salt and intensively nourishing grapeseed oil.
Through the purified skin surface, the body can the valuable
Ideally absorb fatty acids from cold-pressed grapeseed oil


Depilation – Hair removal per body zone

Price per minute: € 1,70, –
We are happy to advise you on this at the spa reception.


Massage therapy


Sports massage with magnesium oil

approx. 25 min. € 43, –
approx. 55 min. € 73, –

Regenerative and relaxing massage. Trained hands release specific cramps and focus on heavily used muscles.


trigger point massage
approx. 25 min. € 38, –
approx. 45 min. € 63, –
Special muscle points on the body are worked on, tensions and connective tissue bonds are broken down and the blood circulation is stimulated.
foot reflexology massage

approx. 45 min. € 53, –

Metabolically stimulating pressure point massage on your feet.


Lymphatic massage

approx. 55 min. € 68, –

Individually tailored to your needs.


Fascia massage

approx. 55 min. € 73, –

The collagenous connective tissue is treated with a special tool. Agglutinations, hardening and alterations of the tissue fibers (fascia) are solved.


Pneumatron Massage

approx. 20 min. € 44, –
approx. 50 min. € 92, –

With this type of massage, the tissue is gently sucked in with low pressure and immediately released again with gentle pressure – 200x per minute. Scorifications, agglutinations and toxins are dissolved down to the deepest levels of the connective tissue. The thus activated lymphatic fluid transports the waste products quickly – an immediately noticeable relief of the tissue. Excellent for cellulite, rheumatism or back pain.

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