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Staudacher's Sports

Stay in shape. Have fun.

Benefit from our varied sports offerings and treat your body to some exercise during your holiday. Start the day with aquagym in the morning and look forward to Powerswing in the afternoon. All you need to do is register for your desired course at the Spa Counter before 7 p.m. the evening before the course.

*Subject to short-term changes in schedule.



Staudacherhof Wassergymnastik


The strength and endurance exercises are easy on your joints, tendons and back due to the buoyant force of the water and develop muscle strength at the same time. Aquagym is fun and lets you experience movement in a new way.


Fascia Yoga

According to Petra Bracht und Roland Liebscher-Bracht

Fascia Yoga activates the metabolism with its joint-optimized exercises and specifically strengthens the health-maintaining power of the connective tissue. This type of yoga focuses on the healing power of the right movement, not on the energetic work as in conventional yoga practice.

FaYo will help you gain a new perception of your body and attitude towards life. No matter what age! With Fascia Yoga you will get to know relaxation, mobility and well-being on a completely different level.


Staudacherhof Power Swing


This multifunctional fitness device can be used by anyone and is effective in stabilising the back, abdominal, gluteal and shoulder muscles. Training with the PowerSwing helps you improve flexibility, endurance and coordination. Regular workouts with the PowerSwing enhance your physical wellbeing.


Staudacherhof Wassergymnastik


Is well suited for anyone who likes to be active and fit throughout the day. This whole-body workout stimulates fat burning and develops your muscles. It’s so much fun you will forget you’re exerting yourself, we promise!


Staudacherhof Panoramasauna Aufguss


At Staudacherhof, every infusion has its own aromatic theme. During the infusion ritual, you can enjoy a body peeling treatment matching the theme that we mix fresh for you every day. All you need to do is apply the peeling onto the skin when it starts to sweat and massage it in. After allowing the skin to cool in the fresh air, you then rinse off the peeling under the shower.

Daily at 5:15 p.m., approx. 15 min.



Aranja Yoga

approx. 60 mins € 65 (p.p.)
2 persons or more € 45 (p.p.)
4 persons or more € 35 (p.p.)

Aranja Yoga means to perform fine movements of the body, sense and release tension and resistance. Enjoy your own personalized yoga experience with our yoga trainer Cristian.


Fascia Yoga

approx 45 mins € 50 (p.p.)
2 persons or more € 35 (p.p.)

Our body needs exercise. The revolutionary form of yoga, FaYo, was developed with a view to this need of the body. The new joint optimising exercises of Fascia Yoga comprehensively activate your metabolism and boost the health-preserving capacity of your connective tissue in a targeted manner at the same time.

Health is important for any age!




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