110 Jahre Staudacherhof
Gastgeber Staudacherhof Eröffnung Pension 1965

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A tradition of innkeeping. That dates back generations.

A family with a remarkable history. And a long tradition as innkeepers. Emperors and kings enjoyed the Staudacher family’s hospitality. When they stopped in at the family’s taverns.

A long tradition

As innkeepers. A tradition in the Staudacher family. That had its early beginnings when the family was still in Tirol, Austria. Where the family has its roots. The first mentions date all the way back to the 12th and 13th centuries. The old, reputable bourgeois family has had its own coat of arms since 1503. Awarded by Emperor Maximilian I. The tavern in Tirol by the name of Römisch-Deutscher-Kaiser (Roman-German Emperor) was run by the family for many generations.

As early as 1880, Johann Staudacher and his wife were hosts to prestigious personalities. Such as King Ludwig II of Bavaria and Emperor Franz Josef of Austria. He stopped in at the Staudacher family’s tavern many a time. At the Römisch-Deutscher-Kaiser in the Upper Inn Valley in Tirol.  And drank wine out of Emperor Maximilian’s cup which the family still keeps like a valuable treasure today.

In 1907, Franz-Josef Staudacher decided to move to Garmisch where he married an innkeeper’s daughter. This marked the beginning of the German line of the Staudacher family. Who are still innkeepers with heart and soul. Initially as hosts of the family’s B&B.  Which has grown into a modern 4-star Superior Hotel in the course of 110 years and four generations: The Staudacherhof as we know it today.

The family’s coat of arms

The Staudacher family is proud of its tradition. Both as a family and as a hotel owner. And it is also proud to have its own family coat of arms. Emperor Kaiser Maximilian I handed the grant of arms over personally. Emperor Ferdinand even raised the Staudacher family to the class of nobility of the German empire in 1647. The coat of arms – with a shield, a branch of laurel, leaves and a helmet – is still omnipresent today. Adorning the tower of Staudacherhof in Garmisch-Partenkirchen as a mural. And as part of the new logo. And can even be found on the website and all of the advertising materials. And, last but not least, it represents the family’s way of thinking as an attractive symbol – stylised and with a modern interpretation. A sign of pride in tradition and an appreciation of our modern times.

Coat of arms report

The Staudacher family

An old bourgeois family already mentioned in documents in the 15th century. Emperor Maximilian I rewarded the Staudacher family with a grant of a coat of arms in Tyrol, Austria on 16 July 1503.

Ancestral coat of arms: A bay leaf branch with green twigs and leaves lying slanted to the left in a red shield, Crest: An arm dressed in red with a white cuff holding the bay leaf branch in the hand. Supporters: red and silver, red and gold (coat of arms book of Salzburg-Tyrol, Austria, plate 25 page 62)

Annexe: Archduke Leopold of Tyrol, Austria raised the rank of the coat of arms of Balthasar Staudacher, citizen of the Council of Hall, later Mayor of same, at the castle of St. Amarin on 9 September 1624. Balthasar, son with the same name, who was a Counsel of Salzburg, was raised to a status of nobility of the German Empire together with his brothers, Elias and Franz Paris, by Emperor Ferdinand III in Prague on 30 October 1647. (Coat of Arms Book of Tyrol, Austria, Nobility Archive Volume 16)

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A journey through time

110 Jahre Bavarian History und Lifestyle Hotel Staudacherhof
Staudacher Bauernhaus Lifestyle Hotel
Gastgeber Ferienhaus Gipfelstürmer Hotel Garmisch
Staudachers Landhaus Gastgeber Hotel Garmisch


Revitalising and active. A sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Savour and indulge. Feel truly alive. Vital living has so many facets. And can be experienced in so many different places. Staudacherhof is one of them – a genuinely special place for you to experience vitality. .

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Staudacher's Farmhouse

The traditional Bavarian Farmhouse is located right in the middle of the historic old town of Garmisch, just a few steps away from Hotel Staudacherhof. When you look upon the house from the outside, barely any changes have been made to the original building. However, as soon as you swing open the wings of the large barn door, you enter a completely new world.

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Staudachers Vacation Apartment

Staudachers Vacation Apartment – a charming house in an outdoor resort. Cosy and modern at the same time. For guests who like an individual and informal atmosphere. On the site between Staudacherhof & Staudachers Farmhouse, it offers the highest comfort and spacious living room for 3 persons.

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Cottage Staudacher

Upscale comfort under Germany’s highest peak. Two apartments in mediterranean style, combined with the amenities of our hotel Staudacherhof.

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